Principles of handmade carpets maintenance

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Handmade carpets are an expensive commodity that must be carefully maintained. Otherwise, you may pay a lot of money for it, but you will damage the carpet with improper maintenance. In this article, we want to explain some important tips for maintaining a handmade carpet.

Some care is general and should be done on a routine basis. Others can be done annually, monthly or weekly. The timing of these cares is relative, and anyone can do them based on the experience of wearing handmade carpets.

General Care

1- Be sure to spread the handmade carpet on a flat surface such as mosaic, ceramic, parquet, etc. Make sure the surface is perfectly smooth and free of any contaminants, including dust.

2- Do not spread the handmade carpet on chalky, limestone, or dusty surfaces in any way, as these surfaces will cause the carpet to decompose due to their alkalinity.

3- Handmade carpets, despite being heavy, may only move in one direction over time, so it is best to use a rubber carpet brake to prevent slipping.


4- Avoid placing heavy objects with narrow bases such as furniture on the handmade carpet, which will cause the carpet to become compact. If you have to do this, it is better to put a wooden or plastic piece under the sofa’s base and change its location once a month.

5- If you want to minimize the wear and tear in your carpet, use an underlay efficiently and conveniently. It will prolong the life of your carpet and provide extra security and comfort as the carpet will remain firmly fixed in place.

6- The fringes of handmade carpets are damaged by stepping on them for a long time, so it is best to wrap them in cotton cloth.

7- If you keep many plants in your house, do not place them on the carpet or its fringe. Most carpet wear or tear is due to the excess water at the base of the plants.


8- Never use bleach to wash handmade carpets, as these materials will cause the carpet to tear over time.

9- Do not place the handmade carpet in direct sunlight. If necessary, you can spread a piece of cloth to keep your carpet from sunlight, and it is better to rotate the carpet at 180 degrees every few months so that other parts of it are also exposed to the sun.

Weekly care

Handmade carpets should always be clean and free of any dust. To sweep handmade carpets, be sure to use a brushless vacuum cleaner to prolong the lifetime of your carpet.


 Monthly Carpet

It is better to lift the fringe of the carpet every month without moving your furniture and sweep under the carpet. Move heavy objects on the carpet once a month so that one part is not under pressure.

Annual Care

Vacuum the carpet surface except for the fringes with a vacuum cleaner. This is because the fringes may get stuck in the brush and cause serious damage to the carpet. Finally, vacuum the carpet so that the carpet pile is perfectly arranged and the patterns are completely clear.

How to maintain handmade roll-up carpet

To maintain the handmade roll-up carpet, it is better to wrap it in plastic so that factors such as displacement cannot affect it. If you want to keep your handmade roll-up carpet, make sure it is in a cool place, without moisture and direct sunlight. Do not neglect pests.


How to maintain a silk carpet

Remove spilled liquid stains

To clean a silk carpet or rug, if the liquid is spilled on it, first remove the liquid with a spoon, then wipe with a white and clean cloth as much as possible. Do not use any chemicals to completely remove stains from the carpet surface, as they may damage the carpet texture. You can try some homemade liquid such as a combination of water and salt.


Drying silk carpets

Be sure to dry under the silk carpet to prevent any mold or tear.

Hanging silk carpets

Be careful not to use nails for a long time to hang the silk carpet.

The best way is to sew a strong piece of cloth to the back of the carpet, pass a metal rod through the cloth, and finally hang the rod on the wall. The advantage of this technique is that it both makes the silk carpet look beautiful and causes the weight of the carpet to be evenly distributed.


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