Beheshti Carpet Complex started to produce machine made carpets in 2010. It’s been about 12 years that Beheshti Carpet Complex has been active in this industry.

Relying on the creativity of our designers, we always offer the most diverse designs and colors in the form of new collections to our customers. In this regard, we are always one of the leaders in producing modern and classic machine made carpets.

In addition to machine made carpets, we also offer handmade carpets at very reasonable prices. We are currently hosting our dear customers in 6 branches in Tehran, three branches in Babolsar, Sari, Karaj, and two branches in Rasht. We hope that we will widely form branches in various parts of Iran in the coming years.

Beheshti Carpet Complex Factory is located in Aran and Bidgol, 259 km away from Tehran. All collections of 1200-combs and 700-combs named Narcissus, Larissa, Lillian, Tabriz, Lavin, Liana are woven with the machine and high precision of our staff.