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The frame or diamond design is one of the traditional and common designs in carpets. This design is a kind of tree design that consists of some frames next to each other, and each of these frames tells a story.

مزایا و معایب فرش دستبافت

The diamond design was used more in the handmade carpets, but gradually, this design was also seen in machine-made carpets and was welcomed. Because it has unique motifs and high diversity, we will further explain more about the features of this design. To know more about it, read this blog post to the end.

The term brick or diamond is derived from standard brick in old buildings. Bricks are produced in different dimensions and thicknesses. The frames are regularly put together with the same perspective and create a pleasant view.

Within these frames, there are different motifs that some of them regularly and others are scattered in the carpet design.

The most common and famous diamond frames include the Quran, the Slit, and the Bakhtiari frame.

Features of diamond design

Features of diamond design

 1. The frames are woven in a regular base.

  1. The frames are woven in a regular base.
  2. Cypress is one of the common motifs in diamond design. It is the symbol of being green and immortality. This design is taken from Persepolis paintings.
  3. In addition to the main motifs, colorful flowers and leaves are also woven.
  4. Yellow branches and headbands are usually seen around the frames.
  5. Woven patterns usually include geometric flower trees, chicken, and inlays.
  6. Another type of frame design is a checkered or black and white design.

What is the role of diamond carpet in interior design?

The diamond design carpet has an entirely traditional and original look, which is very suitable for classic decorations. Some of the diamond carpets are designed modernly and are ideal for modern decorations. Furniture suitable for diamond carpets is royal furniture because of its traditional appearance.

If you use diamond carpets in modern decoration, in fact, you have welcomed Iranian originality to your home decoration. You can even buy small rugs or kilims with diamond designs in modern decoration and create an interesting harmony.

Usually, the diamond design is very suitable for the kitchen because of its crowded pattern. Therefore, the more crowded and dark the kitchen carpet, the less dirt is seen.

 What is the role of diamond carpet in interior design?

It should be noted that diamond carpets are better to be matched with simple furniture because of the crowded pattern.

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