How to get burn out of the carpet

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Burn or Scorch mark is a serious damage that may cause the destruction of carpet texture, especially handmade carpets. But there are a variety of solutions to remove or at least reduce the damage caused by burns. If the burn is small, it can be easily removed by methods such as repairing and mending. But unfortunately, most of the burns are deep and cause the carpet fiber turning black. If the scorch mark is deep, it is not possible to repair the carpet and return it to its original state.

In this article, we want to explain how to get burn out of the carpet in different conditions.

How to Get Small Burns out of Carpet like cigarette

This is one of the common scorch marks that happens to the carpet. Sand away the burn mark with the sandpaper. Vacuum over it, removing any debris. Cut away the remaining burnt fibers using your scissors. If there is still a burn mark, soak a cloth with Hydrogen peroxide and water solution. dry the stain. Start at the outside and work your way into the middle.

Burning the carpet with iron

If the amount of carpet burns with iron is small, you can use onion. Then soak that part with cold water and wash it to remove burn stains. This method is used if the burn is not deep. If the burn surface is deep, be sure to leave it to the carpet cleaning.

Burning the moquette with iron

If your moquette is burned with an iron, you can cut the burned part and use a new piece of the same moquette to repair it. Make sure that after sticking the new piece, cleans it with a vacuum cleaner so that it is completely smooth and flat.

Burning the carpet with charcoal

To repair a carpet that has been burnt with charcoal, first sand away the burn mark with the sandpaper. Try to completely remove the burns from the carpet. Then wipe the dirt with a clean cloth. Use a pair of scissors to remove burnt fiber from the carpet. If the scorch marks are still visible on the carpet, to repair it, cover the burnt area with carpet shampoo and try to dry it. After that, vacuum the burnt part. Be sure to use carpet shampoo and do not use soap and especially a lot of water. In case of deep burns, do not use common home methods and be sure to leave your carpet to carpet cleaners and experts.

Burning the carpet with candle stain

If the carpet or rug is damaged by a candle stain, you should clean it as soon as it is spilled. You can do this with a cotton towel or paper towel. Under any circumstances wipe the towel on the carpet as it may penetrate the fiber. You can dry this part only by pressing your hand on the dry towel.

The next method to remove the candle stain from the carpet is to scrape it with a spoon. Then put a white cloth or paper towel on the stain and iron it with a gently. You can make a strong stain remover solution with liquid dish soap but it shouldn’t be pasty. Mix it well with water and wipe it on the burned part.

How to get yellow stains out of a burnt carpet

Home remedies are very effective in removing the yellow stain of burnt carpets. For most Iranians, due to the traditional eating customs, in case of negligence, the hot pot burns the carpet and leaves a yellow stain.

To get rid of these yellow stains, you should wipe wet scotch on the burnt part. This may make some fluffy stuff on the carpet. So, you can crush and cut the burn with scissors. Onions can reduce yellow stains caused by carpet burns, as well. Following all of these tips and tricks is applicable provided that you act immediately after the burn, otherwise home remedies will not work.

In this article, we tried to explain all the effective methods to get the burns out of your carpet. By following these tips, you can easily repair and mend your carpet that doesn’t suffer from a deep burn. Our consultants in Beheshti Carpet Complex can also answer your questions about carpet care services.


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