Color of the Year 2022 + The impact of this color on interior design

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As you may know each year one color is selected as the color of the year from Penton Company, since 2000. You should know that the process of choosing the color of the year is quite complex and is based on political, economic and social events.

Color of the Year 2022

This year, “Very Peri” was chosen as the color of the year. here you can read all about the interior colors trends for 2022 and the color of the year 2022 picks from all the major paint companies.

In the past, purple was completely exclusive to the nobles and kings, because it was very difficult to get and ordinary people could not afford to buy purple fabrics. So, only royal family and wealthy merchants were able to wear in this color. But in today’s world, purple is no longer what it used to be, and it is easy for everyone to use.

very peri


Purple, like other colors, has different tones. Each of them means a special concept. Two of the most famous tones of purple are the same color of 2020, namely violet or purple-blue, and the other is purple lavender that is close to red.

Purple is very influential in how you perceive feelings and emotions. This color is described as a symbol of mysterious feelings, kingship, femininity and even in cases of mourning.

The positive aspect of purple

Purple can have positive psychological impacts such as relaxation and excitement. According to research, people who use purple more than others in their design or clothing have shown more love for art and creativity.

The negative aspect of purple

Purple is the border between red and blue. So, it is a symbol of monarchy and kingship, which is associated with pride, dazzle and arrogance.

Purple and its meaning around the world

Purple and its meaning around the world


Eastern/Asian cultures: Purple represents nobility in most Asian cultures. However, it’s a symbol of mourning in Thailand.

Ancient Rome: In ancient Rome, only the elite and the upper classes of society used purple in their clothing and appearance because in that period it was a symbol of greatness and glory.

The USA: In 1782, the Purple Heart Award was given to soldiers for their courage and tireless efforts, and was a sign of honor. Also, at the inauguration of then-US President Joe Biden, women in parliament wore purple, a symbol of power, authority and loyalty.

The Psychology of Colors in Interior Design

Purple in interior design has become one of the world trends in recent years. The bluish purple combines the loyalty and stability of the blue with the excitement of red and creates a unique feeling and mood in interior design.

the empact of color


The purple color of the year is a symbol of change, freshness and life, so you can feel an interesting change in your home using the tones of this color. To use the bluish purple in your interior design, you can change this color by changing a few cushions or changing the color of the ceiling or walls.

Consider that the complementary colors used alongside this purple should be a reminder of a return to nature and the environment. Pink and blue, pale olive and white are colors that are abundant in nature and give a special beauty to your interior design.



It’s time to dive into the color trends of 2022! You can also select a carpet from “Beheshti Carpet Complex” that have a close tone to this purple to complete your interior design and make it more beautiful.


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