Handmade carpet-Cons and Pros

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Talking about handmade carpets, someone thinks about Iranians. This type of carpet is worthwhile around the world and because of that has always had its own fans. Handmade carpets are so much beauty that are used for wall decorations as well.

مزایا و معایب فرش دستبافت

Like any other goods, this product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, we want to point out the most important ones.

Handmade Carpet Advantages

  1. Organic material

Wool, cotton, and yarns with natural fibers are used to make handmade carpets. So, you will not encounter skin allergies when using these carpets.

  1. Colors used in handmade carpets

Natural dyes such as henna, walnut skin, etc., are used in dyeing handmade carpets. Therefore, no harmful chemicals are used in handmade carpets yarns.

  1. The older, the better

One of the wonders of handmade carpets is that the more they step on, the brighter they will be. So, handmade carpets not only do not fall in price, but the longer they last; their prices rise.

  1. Possible to repair and mend

Do not worry about damage or defect of your handmade carpets because they can easily be mended. Any defect such as tear or decay can be repaired. The only important thing is that you have to be sure to leave it in the hands of a professional person to have a safe texture.

  1. Investing in handmade carpets

Handmade carpet is worthwhile in value and price because it is made by hand, and no machine has a role in its weaving. As time goes by, its price increases, so handmade carpet is a great option if you want to invest in a precious commodity.

  1. Contribute to the livestock industry

Since natural fibers are used in the weaving of handmade carpets, we need wool for spinning. Therefore, whenever you buy handmade carpets, you have actually helped the livestock industry as well.

  1. Contribute to weaving

Buying handmade carpets is much lower than in the past due to its high price. That is why many weavers are facing economic problems. In fact, by buying this type of carpet, you will also help the weavers’ economy.

In addition to all the advantages, each product has disadvantages. Below, we want to point out four disadvantages of handmade carpets.

Handmade Carpet Advantages

1- High price

One of the most important and perhaps the first problem that comes to our minds about handmade carpets is their high price. This is because it is entirely handmade and directly related to art, so you have to pay more for it than for machine made patterns.

  1. Hard to wash

Due to the use of natural fibers in them, handmade carpets need careful and professional washing. Because if they are not washed well, they may stain during rinsing.

  1. Heavy to lift

The use of natural fibers in handmade carpets, in addition to its advantages, also has disadvantages. For example, it makes the carpet heavy, and this makes it difficult to move.

4- Human error in the patterns

One of the most common things seen in handmade carpets is disharmonic patterns. Because it is all handmade, there is a possibility of human error. For example, the designs on the right side of the carpet may be slightly different from the designs on the left.

What are the characteristics of a good handmade carpet?

Handmade carpets are shinier than machine made carpets. In addition to this salient feature, there are other characteristics for a good handmade carpet, which we mention below.

  1. Colors are applied symmetrically

In a good handmade carpet, all the colors should be used symmetrically next to each other. To correctly identify this important feature, you can test the handmade carpet in natural light to find out if its colors are symmetrical in asymmetrical parts.

  1. Flexibility of handmade carpets lint

When buying a handmade carpet, you find that the color of the carpet surface is different from the color of the end of the lint, which means that ink colors have been used to dye this carpet. It should be noted that some hand-woven carpets have coarser lint, so you will need to spend more time cleaning them.


3- Interesting feature of natural fibers

The natural fibers used in handmade carpets are in a way that is warm in the winter and cool during summer.

4- Fixed color in hand-woven carpets

To test a good handmade carpet from a bad one, rub a damp white handkerchief on it, if the handkerchief turns color, it means that it is a synthetic handmade carpet.


5- Durability of handmade carpets

A good handmade carpet is durable for many years and does not lose its beauty and radiance.

The above content was provided to guide you when buying or ordering handmade carpets. We hope you can make a smart purchase with the help of these tips.


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