DOMOTEX Turkey 2023

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DOMOTEX Turkey is one of the most important events in the carpet and flooring industry worldwide, it was held from the 10th to 12th of July 2023 in Antalya, Turkey. Iranian manufacturers and industry professionals played a significant role in the exhibition. The renowned Persian carpet designer and creator of machine-made carpets, "Beheshti Carpet," also participated in DOMOTEX Turkey 2023.

DOMOTEX Turkey 2023

What is DOMOTEX Exhibition ?

DOMOTEX Turkey 2023 is one of the largest exhibitions for carpets and flooring. The DOMOTEX exhibition gathers industry leaders in the carpet and flooring sector each year. Artists, carpet designers, manufacturers, and industry professionals from all over the world come together to showcase their products, technologies, and knowledge in design, weaving, production, and more to a global audience. DOMOTEX provides a specialized platform for participants to express their presence, offer services, sell products, and exchange knowledge and information. In the DOMOTEX Turkey 2022, more than 200 companies and 18,000 visitors from 103 countries were present.

History and Host Countries of DOMOTEX Exhibition :

The DOMOTEX exhibition is organized and hosted by Deutsche Messe AG, a German company. Deutsche Messe AG held its first global exhibition in 1947 in Germany. Over the past 70 years, the company has organized top-notch exhibitions of various commodities in Germany and worldwide. DOMOTEX is one of the exhibitions organized by Deutsche Messe AG. The scope of DOMOTEX Hannover includes carpets, various types of flooring, and carpet and flooring industry technology. In recent years, DOMOTEX exhibitions have been organized not only in Germany but also in other countries such as Turkey and China (DOMOTEX Asia).

Farsh Beheshti brand at Demotex Türkiye 2023 exhibition


DOMOTEX Turkey 2023:

DOMOTEX is the world’s largest exhibition in the field of carpets and flooring. This year, it was hosted by Turkey. Previously, DOMOTEX Turkey (DOMOTEX Turkey Gaziantep) used to take place in the city of Gaziantep, which is the heart of Turkey’s machine-made carpet industry. However, due to a devastating earthquake that struck Gaziantep, it was not possible to hold the exhibition there again. As a result, the city of Antalya was chosen as the new location for this event.

DOMOTEX Turkey, held in Antalya (DOMOTEX Turkey 2023), is an exhibition of carpets and related industries. It is the largest event of its kind in Antalya, Turkey, showcasing the carpet industry, floor coverings, and carpet and flooring industry technology. Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey, offers great allure to exhibitors and participants.

The reasons for choosing Antalya as the venue for DOMOTEX include:

  • Antalya International Airport has collaborations with domestic and international airlines, offering direct flights.
  • The proximity of Antalya Airport ensures the convenience of travelers attending DOMOTEX.
  • Antalya is a city with numerous tourist attractions, such as museums, historical sites, and more.
  • The recreational spots in Antalya create memorable experiences for DOMOTEX participants.DOMOTEX Turkey 2023 in Antalya will host global carpet industry traders from the 10th to the 13th of July (19th to 22nd of Tir, 1402).
Mr. Mohammad Beheshti with guests at Demotex 2023

DOMOTEX Turkey 2023 Theme and Focus:

DOMOTEX is a venue for showcasing various carpets, floorings, machinery, and industries related to carpet production. It includes machine-made carpets and rugs, handwoven carpets and rugs, textile floor coverings, outdoor flooring, textile machinery, parquet, flexible floor coverings, and laminates. Along with presenting these products, DOMOTEX, like other major global events, focuses on a specific global theme each year. “Sustainability and Recycling” are two noteworthy themes for DOMOTEX Turkey 2023, as our planet more than ever needs balance, attention to natural resources, and prevention of pollution. This year’s DOMOTEX aims to draw the attention of industry professionals and manufacturers in the carpet and flooring industries toward sustainable development. Encouraging producers to create environmentally friendly carpets and floorings is one of the objectives of DOMOTEX Turkey. If every participating brand changes its production technology and presentation in a way that aligns with the environment or causes less harm to it, we will have a healthier and happier world.

This year's Demotex Türkiye exhibition, 2023 DOMOTEX Turkey

Date and Opening of DOMOTEX Turkey 2023:

The opening ceremony of DOMOTEX 2023 Turkey in Antalya took place on the scheduled date of July 10th, coinciding with the 19th of Tir, 1402. The ceremony was attended by exhibitors, visitors, and the management team of DOMOTEX Hannover.

Global Director of DOMOTEX, Ms. Sonia Wedell-Castellano, delivered her speech at the opening ceremony of DOMOTEX Turkey 2023, with the theme of “Sustainability and Recycling.” She stated, “Sustainability and recycling have been one of the main concerns of humanity in recent years. Sustainability is vital for the survival of humans and the Earth. The process of production and offering products must be environmentally compatible and sustainable.” She expressed her satisfaction with this year’s theme and focus of DOMOTEX.

Dr. Shahin Kazemi, Vice President of the Iranian Textile Industries Association, also attended the event and gave a speech. He referred to such events and exhibitions as an opportunity for Iranian manufacturers to increase the volume of Iranian carpet and rug exports.

Demotex 2023 Türkiye exhibition

DOMOTEX 2023 Exhibitors:

DOMOTEX Turkey 2023 hosts 92 prominent companies globally. Turkey leads with 47 exhibiting companies, followed by Iran with 32 companies. China, India, Korea, and Yemen are among the other participants and exhibitors at DOMOTEX Turkey 2023.

Iranian Participants at DOMOTEX Turkey 2023:

  1. Beheshti Carpet
  2. Soleyman Carpet
  3. Padideh Carpet
  4. Zarrin Mosavar Carpet
  5. Toos Carpet
  6. Shadlin Carpet
  7. Classic Carpet
  8. Royal Gold Carpet
  9. Mehr-o-Mah Carpet
  10. Parnian Carpet
  11. Lotus Carpet
  12. Mahour Carpet
  13. Mah Kavir Carpet
  14. Catherine Carpet
  15. Qeitaran Carpets
  16. Ideal Carpet
  17. Iranians Mehvar Carpet
  18. Kashaneye Shane Carpet
  19. Aryan Carpet
  20. Dariush Carpet
  21. Payar Carpet
  22. Farshineh Carpet
  23. Almas-e Kavir Carpet
  24. Arghavan Kashan Carpet
  25. Zartosht Carpet
  26. Homa Carpet
  27. Shir Sepehr Carpet Design Company
  28. Setareh Aseman Carpet
  29. Nafis Nahk Carpet
  30. Qasr-e Iraniyan Carpet
Iranian carpet among thousands of foreign carpet models

Beheshti Carpet, the Standard of Quality in Iranian Carpets:

Among the Iranian participants at DOMOTEX Turkey, we find many well-known figures in the Iranian carpet industry alongside younger names. Beheshti Carpet, a familiar and experienced name in the Iranian carpet world, is one of the participants at DOMOTEX Turkey 2023 and an exhibitor representing Iran. The Beheshti Carpet booth is one of the busiest at DOMOTEX Turkey 2023. Among the visitors to the Beheshti Carpet booth were the management team of DOMOTEX and the event’s General Manager, Sonia Wedell-Castellano. The colors and designs of Beheshti Carpet delighted the DOMOTEX management team, once again showcasing the authentic art of Iranian carpets to the world.

Other visitors included representatives from South Africa, Germany, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, and more. The warm reception from European and Asian countries, especially Saudi Arabia, could lead to a long-term increase in carpet exports.

Beheshti Carpet was founded in 2010 by Mohammad Beheshti, the creator of the Beheshti Carpet brand.

The company’s design and production of  Beheshti Carpet is the result of Mohammad Beheshti’s experiences in the field of carpet design, production, in addition to domestic and international trade. Before establishing Beheshti Carpet, he founded the Pars Namaad Company, providing carpet design services to machine-made carpet manufacturing companies, and has managerial experience in several well-known companies. Today, Beheshti Carpet has become a leading name in the field of machine-made carpets thanks to its honesty in producing high-quality Iranian carpets, making it a familiar and reputable brand in carpet design and creation.

Group photo of Mr. Mohammad Beheshti with other members of Demotex Türkiye exhibition

Beheshti Carpet not only offers quality Iranian carpets to the world but also presents the authenticity of Iranian design to the global audience. The designers at Beheshti Carpet have created over 40 collections, showcasing various styles, colors, and diverse designs on the market.

Each Beheshti Carpet collection brings a new chapter of the tale of design and colors, recounting mythological stories to the world.

Beheshti Carpet always considers its goal of exporting not just a single item but the main objective of “exporting the culture of Iranian carpets” to international communities.

If you haven’t had the chance to participate in DOMOTEX Turkey 2023, you can visit Beheshti Carpet’s branches, its representative offices throughout Iran for in-person purchases, or the online store for online purchases. Also, the Instagram page of the collection displays all the works and collections of Beheshti Carpet.

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