DOMOTEX China Exhibition – Shanghai 2023

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DOMOTEX is the largest exhibition event in the carpet and machine-made carpet industry worldwide. The second DOMOTEX of this year, DOMOTEX Asia, was held only 13 days after DOMOTEX Turkey. The DOMOTEX Asia exhibition, held annually in China, took place from July 26th to 28th, coinciding with Mordad 4th to 6th, in the city of Shanghai. At DOMOTEX China, 9 of the most reputable names in Iranian machine-made carpet production and industry were present.

DOMOTEX China Exhibition - Shanghai 2023

DOMOTEX China Shanghai

DOMOTEX China Exhibition is the largest event in the carpet and related flooring industries. The DOMOTEX exhibition is a venue for presenting products, technology, art, innovation, raw materials, and everything related to the carpet, flooring, and wall covering industry. The DOMOTEX event is held multiple times a year in various locations around the world to bring together industry professionals from all over the globe. The goal of the DOMOTEX exhibition is to create a field for interaction and competition among industry players, carpet manufacturers, and ultimately countries under fair and equal conditions.

DOMOTEX China Exhibition 2023

Carpet and Flooring Exhibition in Asia

Everything began with the discovery of the Pazyryk carpet in the year 1327 AH on the Asian continent. The world’s oldest carpet, which had been buried under layers of ice and snow for years, was uncovered by an archaeologist. Pazyryk, preserved miraculously through ice, shed light on the history of carpets and carpet weaving, becoming a genetic sample subjected to thorough examination and analysis from all angles to determine its nature, history, and origin. The Turkish knot, Iranian border, Turkmen colors, Iranian horses, Assyrian floral patterns, and Chinese swan designs turned the Pazyryk carpet into a multicultural yet distinctly Asian masterpiece. Asia was the clearest address for the Pazyryk carpet. Given the origin of the art of carpet making and weaving, the significance of Asia can be predicted today. Geographically, Asia holds great importance in the production and export of machine-made and handwoven carpets. The most powerful countries in carpet production and weaving are situated in Asia.

Carpet and Flooring Exhibition in Asia

It is evident that Asia is the cradle of the world’s carpet weaving art and industry, holding the most influential position in the carpet industry. DOMOTEX, the organizer of the exhibition event, has been hosting a special event for Asia called “DOMOTEX Asia” for years.

DOMOTEX China 2023 Exhibition (DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR)

The DOMOTEX Asia exhibition was held annually in China, but due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the country closed its borders to the world for 2 years. However, in early 2023 AD, as China sought to ease COVID-19 restrictions and return to normal conditions, the country opened its borders to the world and announced the resumption of the DOMOTEX China exhibition. Fewer COVID-19 restrictions, such as border reopening, the end of extensive quarantine, reduced testing, and no mandatory quarantine for travelers, made travel to China easier for exhibitors and participants.

The confirmed date for the DOMOTEX China Shanghai 2023 exhibition was July 26th to 28th (4th to 6th of Mordad, 1402) and it was exactly held on this date.

DOMOTEX China 2023 Exhibition

DOMOTEX Asia Exhibition in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, meaning “Above the Sea,” is a port city located in eastern China. Shanghai is one of China’s most important ports and serves as a link between China and the world. The city of Shanghai is among the most populous cities globally and is a global economic center. With these interpretations, the reasons for choosing China and the city of Shanghai as the venue for the DOMOTEX event are quite clear.

The twenty-fifth consecutive edition of DOMOTEX Asia was hosted by China in the city of Shanghai, within an exhibition space of 200,000 square meters, featuring 1,600 booths across seven separate halls at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) of China.

This year, DOMOTEX Shanghai extended beyond the carpet and flooring industry, showcasing materials, technology, raw materials, and products related to ceilings and walls to its visitors.

The exhibition hosted a total of 100 exhibitors from various countries, with participants from all around the world

With around 67,918 visitors, DOMOTEX China once again demonstrated its global significance. Iranian carpet manufacturers and brands were also present among the participating countries. Despite a vibrant presence of Chinese companies in the carpet sector, DOMOTEX China remained competitive and provided an equal and similar platform for all exhibitors.

DOMOTEX Asia Exhibition in Shanghai, China

The reception for this edition of DOMOTEX, after a two-year absence, was exceptionally high. Despite the numerous halls and extensive exhibition area, there was no moment of emptiness in the halls and corridors. Visitors, and even exhibitors, had to line up in long queues to enter the exhibition area. It is worth mentioning that while the majority of visitors were from China, the presence of various nationalities from around the world was noticeable, highlighting the international appeal of the exhibition.

Iranian Carpet Companies Exhibiting at DOMOTEX China

The significance of carpets is not lost on any Iranian. Iranian machine-made and handwoven carpets have always held a special place in the global market. However, in recent years, due to economic sanctions, the position and ranking of Iranian carpet exports in the global market have experienced a declining trend. Beheshti Carpet Company, as a supporter of the first symposium on machine-made carpet exports and one of the most successful and reputable Iranian brands in the field of carpet exports, has consistently been seeking different solutions to restore the previous position of Iranian carpets in global markets.

The successful Iranian carpet brands’ participation in international events and their active presence in the global carpet and flooring industry market helps improve export conditions and foster new economic interactions between Iran and other countries. As always, in this international event, Iranian manufacturers did not hesitate and confidently faced the global market at DOMOTEX China.

In total, 9 Iranian carpet manufacturing companies had booths at DOMOTEX Shanghai. These Iranian companies are as follows:

  1. Beheshti Carpet
  2. Shahkar Aryaee Carpet
  3. Qasr Iranian Carpet
  4. Noyan Carpet
  5. Almas Kavir Carpet
  6. Lili Carpet
  7. Shahrokh Carpet
  8. Farhan Carpet
  9. Kongreh Carpet

Achievements of Beheshti Carpet at DOMOTEX China, Shanghai

Mohammad Beheshti, the creator of the Beheshti Carpet brand, explained the importance of participating in international events in an interview with Duke magazine during the DOMOTEX Antalya event. Just like at DOMOTEX Turkey, which was held in the city of Antalya, Beheshti Carpet proudly participated as the representative of high-quality Iranian carpets at DOMOTEX Shanghai. Beheshti Carpet, like its previous experiences on the international stage, drew significant attention to its authenticity and Iranian carpets’ quality at DOMOTEX China.

“The pattern of authenticity,” “diversity of style and design,” and “color identity” of Beheshti Carpet once again highlighted the elevated and invaluable position of Iranian carpets to the world. Mohammad Beheshti, the creator of the Beheshti Carpet brand, interpreted the awe and amazement of visitors as a clear sign of a future collaboration between the Iranian carpet industry and the world. Mohammad Beheshti stated, “The astonished and amazed gaze of Europeans and Asians when observed the pattern and design of Beheshti Carpet signaled the promise of long-term collaborations between us and the world. This enthusiasm and amazement in the eyes of visitors once again reminded us that we are not exporting goods; we are exporters of Iranian carpet art and culture.”

farsh beheshti in DOMOTEX Asia Exhibition

Which DOMOTEX Was More Successful? DOMOTEX Antalya or Shanghai?

The organization of two DOMOTEX events in two different parts of the world with only a 13-day time gap makes comparing these two events quite straightforward. Undoubtedly, the true impact of each of these events will become evident as time goes on for the participants. However, we present you with different observations from these exhibitions. If you intend to participate in DOMOTEX 2024, this information is tailored for you.

  1. DOMOTEX Antalya was held in a much smaller area.
  2. DOMOTEX Shanghai took place in a venue spanning 200,000 square meters.
  3. The halls at DOMOTEX Antalya were less crowded, and most visitors came from countries like Turkmenistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
  4. The halls at DOMOTEX Shanghai were filled with visitors.
  5. Visitors to both DOMOTEX Antalya and China were mostly potential customers.
  6. Despite the absence of large Turkish companies, Turkish participants still dominated the exhibition booths at DOMOTEX Turkey, further exacerbating an unhealthy competition in the market environment.
  7. Competition in the Chinese market was healthy.

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