What is the differences between carpet and rug?

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Carpets and rugs are national treasures in every country, especially in Iran. Many people consider carpets and rugs the same, but there are differences between them, which we will mention later.

Rug or Carpet? Which one is better?

Among the most critical differences between carpets and rugs, we can mention three of them, in terms of use, material, and dimensions.

Differences in terms of application

Everything that can be spread on the ground is called a carpet; but rugs or handmade carpets also have other uses such as underlays, carpets, rugs, and so on.

Some rugs can be used on both sides, but rugs can only be used on one side. Some rugs can be used on both sides, while these handicrafts can be used only on one side.

Differences in terms of material

Carpets and rugs are completely different IN terms of material. Carpets can have other materials, but rugs are known for their special features. Rugs usually have wefts and knots, but some carpets are pretty simple and have no wefts.

Carpets that do not have warp and weft are mostly underlays because machine made carpets are made of warp and weft. Also, carpets are fluffy, but not all carpets are like this.

Differences in terms of dimension

Machine made carpets have standard dimensions, but other carpets can be produced in different dimensions and sizes. This is while handmade carpets are woven in certain dimensions.

Rugs usually have two dimensions:

  • Small sizes up to 6 meters, which are called rugs.
  • Larger sizes

Rugs are commonly used for pictorial carpets or in small side spaces. Many people also use rugs for the bedroom. More oversized rugs with different dimensions are used in larger halls and rooms.

Typical designs and patterns of rugs

Rug designs are various, namely diamond, overall flower, and medallion. Each of these designs has its ​​meanings and symbols.

Diamond design rugs used on machine made carpets are made up of pictorial frames, each with its own symbol. Together, these frames create a general order.

The overall flower design is quite the opposite of the diamond design. All the patterns used in this carpet are woven completely scattered throughout the carpet. The most famous design in overall flower rugs is the medallion design. In this design, silk thread is usually used.

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