The Role of Carpets in Feng shui Practice

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One of the most important pieces of furniture in Feng Shui is the carpet, which is very important. This issue has been studied in detail in ancient China. The Chinese believed that home decoration should not bear a large number of different fabrics or decorative textiles, including large carpets that cover the entire space of the house.

Feng Shui Tips in Choosing the Right Color for the Carpet

The practice of Feng Shui depends on the use of five elements: water, fire, earth, metal, and wood.  Each of these elements is represented by a color that you can use to promote energy. The five elements are also associated with shapes. Using these shapes and colors in the correct way when you pick a rug could optimize your room’s energy.


The southernmost part of the house is associated with the fire element that increases excitement, energy, fame, and transformation. Red, orange, and dark yellow carpets are warm and energetic colors that bring spirit and liveliness into the home environment. But for the kitchen or bathroom, it is better to use colors derived from the soil element because energy must be drained in these places. Be careful not to use dark red carpets for the living room on the south side, as this may cause conflicts and false excitement. Installing pictorial carpets in orange, red, or yellow colors will enhance the fire element.



The northern part of each house is usually dedicated to jobs and work issues mostly related to the water element.  The water element is an element that is related to financial issues. Designs and images of springs, rivers, and the sea bring the water element to the home interior design.

It is better to avoid colors related to the wood element in this part because this weakens the water element. It is also better to use gray and silver colors to enhance the water element in this housing area.



To increase the power of the mind, development, and success, and the ability to make the right decisions, you need to empower the northeastern parts. To maintain relationships, it is better to improve the southwestern part of the house—the dominant element in both parts of the soil. The soil element creates a sense of security in the environment. The best colors associated with the soil element are brown, khaki, cream, and pale yellow.

Feng shui suggests using gray, brown, and cream carpets to drain negative energies. These colors are recommended for the bathroom and kitchen. Pink, yellow, cream, or brown colors are recommended for the living room in the southwestern part. Yellow simulates life expectancy and optimism.



The eastern and southeastern parts belong to the wood element. Therefore, it is better to use the green spectrum. Wearing a carpet on the east side will also help improve your family’s (physical and mental) health. Southeast of each house belongs to the wealth. If the kitchen or bathroom is on the east side of the house, it is better to use bright orange and red, metal element, and green spectrum.

For the living room, use carpets with a green color combination to enhance the sense of calmness and black and dark blue colors to balance the effects of the fire element.

To increase the level of family welfare, motivation, and energy, it is better to use the wood element in the home’s interior design.

It should be noted that among the colors, light green includes higher energy.



The Northwest and west part of the house home is associated with fertility and creativity, children and friends, with the energy of the metal element. The metal element is an element that activates thinking and stimulates concentration and also acts as a strong conductor to transfer energy from other elements, so it is recommended to choose carpets in the colors of the spectrum of gray, white, and even silver. The bathroom or kitchen in this part creates a bad level of metal energy. You can wear carpets in water element colors.


How to Practice Feng shui Elements in Choosing Carpets

Round carpets are attributed to the metal element, and metal symbolizes spirituality, peace, and harmony; such carpets invite balance and focus to the environment.

Rectangular and oval carpets are attributed to the wood element, and wood is a symbol of growth, dynamism, creativity, and movement, and such carpets invite change and liveliness to the environment.

Square carpets are attributed to the soil element, and soil is a symbol of order, trust, and balance, and such carpets simulate regularity and reliability to the environment.

The Best Carpet Choice Based on Feng shui for the Entrance

The main entrance is one of the most important practices in Feng Shui because this part is a route for energy to enter the house. The high quality of the entrance part brings positive energies into the environment. When high-quality energy enters the environment, we can make the most of a feng shui practice.

To choose the right carpet for the entrance, consider the appropriate shape and color of the element in which the entrance is located. For example, if your entrance is located on the east part of the house, the feng shui element is wood, and the use of a rectangular shape and form is highly recommended.


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