The newest and best-selling machine made carpet designs 2021

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The newest and best-selling machine made carpet designs for those who like to live modern. One of the home appliances that is available in all Iranian houses is carpet. For people who always want to have modern decoration, knowing the latest carpet designs is one of the priorities. In this article, we want to explain the latest machine made carpet designs in 2021.

فرش‌های جدید سال 2021

New Carpet Design

One of the new carpet models that has recently fascinated a lot of people is Vintage carpets. One of the reasons people are interested in these carpets is that their style is close to antique carpets.

Since many people like to keep or decorate their homes with old objects or carpets, Vintage carpets are good option to create a sense of antiquity and value.

In the first category, original Iranian designs are used in a modern format in the carpets, and in the second category, fancy and new designs are used. You can see some examples of Vintage Beheshti carpet below.

The newest and best-selling design of Beheshti Carpet

Narciss and Larissa collection are one of the newest designs of Beheshti machine made carpet in 2021. Narciss is a luxurious and unique collection that contains amazing designs. This collection is a manifestation of brilliance and beauty combined with original Iranian designs.

Narciss carpets have also been one of the best-selling machine made carpets in Beheshti Carpet Complex this year, which have been launched using the best and highest quality materials. Narciss carpets are washed carefully through difficult steps, and every single work after weaving is done by hand with high precision, thanks to Beheshti Carpet’s tasteful weavers.

Larissa is also one of the newest and best-selling carpets of Beheshti Carpet Complex. The attractive, stylish, and bright colours of these carpets draw each person’s attention. The embossed designs of Larissa carpets also distinguish them from other carpets.

These attractive carpets make your room unique so that by looking at them, seconds and minutes pass by in slower motion, drowning you in their designs. Larissa collection colours and designs are in harmony with most furniture, so you can safely buy these beautiful carpets in new and various designs.

Simple or pattern designs?

Simple designs on higher density and lower density carpets have their beauty. Some of the pattern designs are so well-coordinated and beautifully woven that not only does the pattern bothers the eye, but it is such a fascinating piece of art.

The type of carpet design people choose for their home is a matter of taste and depends on other decoration elements. But during recent years, people have tended to simple or pattern designs with complementary colours.

It should be noted that Beheshti carpet Complex is trying to produce and supply the best and highest quality carpets with the cooperation of a tasteful and creative group of young people.

For your convenience, this collection also offers 2-year installment purchases with no deposit, no interest, along various discounts.



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