The Key Points of Matching the Carpet with Furnitur

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Matching the carpet with furniture and choosing the colour of the furniture and carpet is the most important part of the interior design; So, to choose these two, you must spend the great obsession to create a stylish aesthetic at your home.

ست کردن فرش با مبلمان با فرش بهشتی

The most important thing that should be in harmony with your carpet color is your furniture color and interior design. To have an attractive color combination in your home design, it is better to follow the tips.

In this article, we want to explain five key points of matching a carpet with furniture.

5 Key Points to Match Carpet to Furniture

  1. Choose the same colour for carpets and furniture

If you want a simple design and minimal style, your carpet and furniture are better to be the same color.  For example: to match the carpet with gray furniture, choose the same colour for your carpet but a little darker and create variety with other decoration components such as sculpture or lampshade through contrasting colors.

Of course, it should be noted that gray is a neutral colour and has three types of spectrums of light gray, dark gray, and smoky gray. Neutral colours are harmonic with most colors, so they are more compatible.

Which carpet color should we match with a gray sofa?


One of the suitable choices for setting gray furniture with a carpet is the cream colour. Cream is a warm colour and due to its warmth, moderates the cold atmosphere of gray. By combining these two colors, the interior design of the house looks brighter. To match the cream carpet with gray furniture, you can choose from both simple and complex designs.

One of the advantages of a simple cream carpet is that it makes your home look bigger and more peaceful. But if you want your room to be more energetic, it is better to use a patterned cream carpet to go with gray furniture.


White goes with all colours, and this color creates a very pleasant combination with gray furniture. You can match the gray furniture with a simple or patterned white carpet. The only drawback of the white carpet is that it gets dirty quickly. In general, light colours in carpets such as white, cream, or light yellow are more compatible with light gray furniture, so if your furniture is dark gray, you should match it with other colours.

Dark Blue

Matching a dark blue carpet with gray furniture creates a luxurious look. To make this combination more attractive, it is better to paint one of the walls gray or a combination of gray and dark blue.

  1. Matching Carpets and furniture with complementary colours

The combination of complementary colours is always fascinating and attractive. It is enough to know which colors are more attractive together. In chromatography, each colour has a certain meaning. For example, cream is used in decoration to express energy, vitality, and happiness, or other colours such as brown, gray, white, black and….They are known as neutral colors and are usually matched with most colors.

Matching carpet with cream furniture

For cream furniture, choosing orange cushions along with the orange carpet is very beautiful. If you have a gray carpet, it is better to use dark or light pink furniture because the combination of these two colours makes your room so beautiful.

Dirty pink is one of the most popular colors in interior decoration. The combination of dirty pink with gray creates a calm and balanced atmosphere. To choose the right carpet colour for dirty pink furniture, gray is the best one.

Matching carpet with Brown-gray Furniture

‌Brown-gray is one of the most popular colours when choosing furniture. To match Brown-gray furniture with a carpet, the first thing to consider is the style of your furniture. For example, if your furniture is like a sofa, you’d better choose a modern and simple carpet. Brown-gray furniture is usually compatible with a simple, dark colour carpet. Also, if you want to use complementary colours, it is better to match the carpet with the cushions.

Do not Disregard Green

Green is full of energy and love. The use of green in interior design doubles your home or workplace elegance. The combination of this colour with yellow can create a beautiful appearance.

So if you want to use contrasting colours techniques, match the yellow carpet with the yellow furniture. Of course, the green sofa can go with other colors, and this depends on how much you are interested.


Matching carpet with turquoise Furniture

The combination of light-colored carpets with turquoise furniture creates a stylish and beautiful look. Turquoise furniture goes with light-colored carpets such as cream, and light blue is recommended as well. If you do not want to wear light-colored carpets, you can match your turquoise sofa with a dark blue carpet with a simple design.

  1. Buy multicoloured carpets

If you want to buy a carpet to change your interior design, it is better to buy multicoloured carpets because various colors are used in their fibers. This way, you can match your furniture with one of the colors in this colour, multicoloured carpets can be easily set with any furniture, and you can safely choose your furniture colour.

  1. Match the style and type of your furniture with your carpets

Another point to consider when buying a carpet to match your furniture is coordinating the furniture style with the carpet. We have to choose different carpets for different furniture styles, such as royal and formal, or modern types of furniture.

In more formal styles such as royal or classic furniture, Iranian and traditional carpets are used. But for comfy and sectional sofas, carpets with modern and minimal designs are more attractive.

  1. Matching furniture with patterned carpets

If you have a patterned carpet, it is better to choose simple and monochrome furniture that matches the background color of your carpet to make them look more beautiful together.

In the case of two colours, choose a simple and minimal design for your furniture fabric. Following these contrasts will have a significant effect on the beauty of your interior design.

Choose the right fabric for your furniture

To match the carpet with furniture, pay attention to your furniture type of texture and fabric design. For example: if you have simple furniture, use a simple carpet, or if you are a fan of semi-patterned designs in interior design, choose a simple and patterned carpet with simple furniture.

In modern interior design, it is possible to choose carpets and furniture with the same colour and design or choose them to be different from each other; So you have no limit making your home comfortable. Remember; All of these tips help you make the right choice, and you do not have to follow them. Your opinion and taste is the best and most appropriate option to warm your life. Beheshti Carpet experts are also ready to provide you with tips on making the right choice on our branches or Instagram page.

In a Nutshell

It is better to adjust the size of your carpet and furniture to fit your home. If you have a small house, avoid buying large furniture or carpets with patterned designs because it makes your rooms look smaller; in general, it is better to consider the dimensions and arrangement of the carpet and furniture before buying them.

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