‌Best ways to remove stains from carpets

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Cleaning carpet stains is one of the main concerns of any housewife. Carpets, like other interiors, absorb dirt. However, many stain removers are easy to make with homemade materials. It would help if you kept in mind that excessive use of stain removal will damage your carpet. You even have to consider the temperature of the water with which you clean the stains.

چند ترفند برای از بین بردن لک فرش

In order to remove the stains on the carpet, you need to consider the carpet type. Because the way of cleaning machine-made carpets is different from the hand-made carpet. So, take a deep breath, read on, and that stain will vanish before too long! We will refer to some practical solutions to remove carpet stains.

  1. Remove all kinds of drinks stains from the carpet

When beverages such as syrups or soft drinks spill on the carpet, immediately collect it with a spoon and clean it several times with a damp cloth soaked in detergent. In this case, if there is still a shadow of the stain, clean it with dampened cloth and vinegar.

  1. Remove chewing gum and candle wax from the carpet

To remove chewing gum or candle wax from the carpet, place a few handfuls of ice in a zip lock bag. Put the bag of ice directly onto the gum stain. This will harden the gum, so it’s easier to remove the stain from the carpet. Use a scraping tool to scrape the gum from the carpet fully.


  1. Remove ink from the carpet

You may not believe it, but watery yogurt is the best way to remove the ink stain from the carpet. Pour some yogurt on the stain, then remove it with a spoon after a few minutes. You can completely remove the remaining stains with a cloth dampened with water and foam to complete the work.

You can also use a sponge soaked in milk to clean the ballpoint ink and wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth and foam.


  1. Remove chocolate from the carpet

This is a very popular option, especially for families with pets or young children who regularly have to clean up stains. To remove chocolate stains from carpets, first remove the spilled chocolate with a spoon, then use a conventional method of rubbing cloth soaked in water and white vinegar to remove any remaining stains.


  1. Remove oil and grease stains from the carpet

Oil and grease are some of the things that can be spilled on carpets in most homes. In general, a solution of water and white vinegar is very useful for removing carpet stains. You can also use the same method to remove grease stains from carpets.

  1. Remove coffee stains from the carpet

To remove coffee stains from the carpet, you must first put a soft, dry cloth on the stain and press a little to absorb moisture. Do not stroke the cloth in any way, as it will spread the stain more. After that, it is better to use a cotton towel and press on the stain. By doing this, you can easily remove coffee stains from the carpet.


  1. Remove tea stains from the carpet

Tea is always drunk in gatherings, especially in Iranian homes. For this reason, the possibility of spilling tea on the carpet is very high. Removing tea stains from carpets is not a complicated task. You can make a strong cleanser with salt, baking soda or vinegar to remove any tea stains.

  1. Remove tea stains from cream-colored carpets

The lighter the color of the carpet, the more visible the stain will be. Since cream-colored carpets are available in most Iranian homes, we considered it necessary to explain the tips for removing tea stains from this carpet color in this article. The important note you should consider when spilling tea on the carpet is the speed of removing stains. Because the longer the stain remains on the carpet, the older it gets and the harder it is to clean. Another practical method that you can use to remove tea stains from cream-colored carpets is to use yogurt. Place a tablespoon of yogurt on the tea stain, remove it after a few minutes and wipe it off with a damp cloth.


Combination of baking soda with vinegar

You can use a few tablespoons of baking soda and some vinegar to remove tea stains from the carpet. Mix them well and apply the paste to the stain. You can use a damp cloth or sponge to tap the paste with a little pressure on the carpet. Do not stroke the paste in any way, and do not use reciprocating movements. Because this may result oppositely, and the stain will remain.

How to remove the paste from the carpet?

It is better to use a dry towel to remove the paste from the carpet.

Another way you can remove tea stains from carpets is to use a white cloth soaked in liquid soap or dishwashing liquid. The amount of liquid you moisten the cloth should be enough to make a little foam.

How to get rid of the yellow color from the carpet after washing?

It must have occurred to you that it has turned a little yellow after washing the carpet and drying it. A simple trick you can use to get rid of this yellow color is a solution of baking soda and vinegar. You can pour this solution on different parts of the yellow and wipe it with a cloth strongly. This method removes the yellow color of the carpet very quickly due to its acidity.


We hope you find this article useful and that you can use these practical tips to remove stains on your carpet.




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