Key points to buy a bride dowry carpet

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Usually, all families are so fussy buying the dowry carpet to finally choose the most special design and motif. But in fact, the newlyweds' carpets should be selected according to the style and color of the interior design.

The first point to consider when buying a dowry rug is the quality and durability of the rug. The quality and durability of the carpet depends on two important factors: comb and density; Also, the wrap threads and the type of carpet weaving machine affect the quality. Here, we want to mention the most key points that you should consider when choosing a bridal dowry rug, so stay tuned until the end of the article.

The yarn material

As mentioned, the yarn material is one of the important factors determining the quality of the carpet; therefore, it is better that the carpet you choose for the bride’s dowry is made of acrylic yarn.

These fibers are close to wool in terms of material and are used for weaving special machine-made carpets. Acrylic carpets have unique features such as no pile, high durability and transparency. Also, these carpets are highly resistant and do not cause any allergies.

Beheshti Carpet, as a manufacturer, offers carpets with heat-set acrylic yarn. These carpets in addition to high quality, make the newlywed house very beautiful.

The yarn material

Comb and density

Comb and density

To choose a rug for the bride’s bedroom and kitchen, it is better to use carpets with a low density of 700 combs.

Because the wrap thread used in 700-comb rugs is high, it is very suitable to be spread in places such as kitchens and bedrooms due to high commute.

Comb and density

For the living room, it is better to use 1200-comb carpet. This is true due to the fact that the higher the density of the carpet, the more attractive it is.

Carpet Color

Another important factor to consider when buying a bridal dowry rug is the color of the rug. The color of the carpet is directly related to its quality. So that if the carpet is not of the desired quality, the color will be completely lifeless and dull. Most brides-to-be use light-colored carpets to give their home a fresh look.

Carpet Color

The best carpet color for the bride’s dowry is cream and silver. In addition to these colors, gold and light orange are also attractive colors that are better to be used in interior design and new bridal carpets. You have to keep in mind that all of this is a matter of taste. Maybe there are people who are interested in using warmer and darker colors.

Carpet design

Most newlyweds use carpets with a modern design and style to have a more modern decoration style, which has become very trendy these days.

Carpet size

Accurate measurement of the place where you are going to spread your carpet or rug is one of the important points that you should pay attention to when buying a new bridal dowry rug. It is better to choose a rug that does not fill the whole place, depending on the area of the desired location, because it does not have an interesting view and makes the house look small.

The opposite is true indeed. Spreading a very small rug in a large hall, for example using a 5-meter rug in a 50-meter hall is not attractive at all.

So before buying a dowry rug, make a careful measurement so that you do not face such problems. Finally, make sure to buy Persian rugs for the bride’s dowry.


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