How to spread out a carpet?

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Carpets inspirit and create warmth in any environment. If you choose a carpet compatible with your house, you will definitely have a beautiful, eye-catching decoration. In order to choose the right carpet, you have to consider the design, color, and dimensions. Also, the way of spreading the carpet plays an important role in interior design.

The use of carpets in Iranian interior design has existed for a long time until today. These days, Iranian carpets still have their own place in homes despite ceramics, parquet, and other flooring.

In this passage, we want to explain 10 simple tips on how to spread a carpet. By following these tips, you can have an arranged interior design at your home.

1.There should be no table leg on the carpet

If you want to use small embossed designs carpets, arrange your furniture so that none of the legs are on your rug or carpet. This will make the carpet more visible.

2.The sofa’s front legs should be on the carpet and the back legs on the floor

You do not need to have a large room, just pay attention to the size of the carpet and how to spread it, because if it does not fit your room, your furniture will be more spaced apart than usual.

3.Place a number of legs on the carpet

This design is according to your furniture model, which means that if you have a sofa, it is better to place only the front legs on the carpet. Sometimes it is best to place all four sofa’s legs on the carpet. This is more functional when your furniture is not uniform or unicolor, and one or two of them are different from the others. With the help of this type of arrangement, you can enlarge or reduce the rooms’ sizes and change the interior design whenever you feel like.

4.45 cm distance between the carpet and the wall

Make sure that the carpet you want to spread is at least 45 cm away from the wall, but if the space is not large enough, spread the carpet 20 to 25 cm away from the wall. This design is more visible in small houses.

5.Never cover the whole space with carpets

Most houses today use flooring for different parts of the house; Therefore, to create a modern design, spreading the carpet on the flooring should be in a way that there is a distance between the wall and the carpet. In fact, the carpet should be smaller than the size of your room so that the flooring is bolder.

6.Cover up the hallway with a carpet

You can use runners in the hallways. Spreading carpets in the hallway turns the room design more eye-catching and also makes walking safer and more comfortable.

7.Put smaller rugs together

Some people tend to put several small rugs together instead of one big carpet. Flooring can be seen more and make the space design cozier!

8.Carpet under the dining table

Many people tend to lay carpets under the dining table. How to lay the carpet under the dining table should be in a way that the carpet extends 60 cm from each side of the table, so that the legs of the chairs are completely on the carpet and prevent the chairs from shaking or people legs to be on the floor.

9.How to lay a carpet in the bedroom

The bedroom carpet or rug should be laid so that it extends 30 or 45 cm from the bed. Of course, this size can be larger depending on the size of the room and the bed. But less than that is not recommended because it causes the whole carpet to go completely under the bed and not be seen.

These are a series of general tips and principles that you can use to spread the carpet. But in general, everything depends on your taste and opinion.


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