Classic Carpet Collection


Classic carpets have long been one of the most popular carpets in each home. The word “Classic” has recently been used for old carpets. This word is Latin and originates from “Classius” meaning first class. So, “classic carpets” means the carpets that include old and traditional patterns with a combination of soothing colors. One of the good features of classic carpets is that they make the space very cozy, warm, and luxurious. The history of the classic or traditional carpets dates back to Kashan. In the past, carpet designs were very limited. Still, gradually, due to high demand, manufacturers unveiled new carpet designs until they could offer a suitable carpet for any environment. Other cities such as Tabriz and Qom are also the founders of handmade carpets with traditional designs. In addition to the designs of Tabriz, Kashan, and Qom, we try to use the original designs of other cities in Iran to offer the best collections of classic carpets to the market. Some people like a combination of modernity and classicism. To this end, designers have given a new heart and spirit to classic carpets by vintage design or using modern colors so that people who are a fan of both modern and classic designs will be content.

فرش کلاسیک بهشتی تبریز

Classic Carpet Different Designs

Classic carpets are offered in two types, handmade and machine made. Due to the high prices of handmade carpets, many people prefer to buy machine made carpets with a classic design. Currently, machine-made carpets are as high quality as handmade carpets. In general, it can be said that classic carpets offer you a wide range of choices due to their wide variety in patterns, designs, combs, and densities, so it is easier for you to choose and buy your favorite carpet.

Should we buy a classic or modern carpet?

If your interior design or furniture is formal, you had better choose a classic carpet. Because classic carpets include original Iranian designs and also they have a very high texture quality. Usually, in all classic carpet designs, soft and beautiful dyes are used, which doubles the beauty of the carpet.

But if your interior design is entirely modern and you have used a sofa instead of royal furniture, you should wear modern carpets. You can also use classic carpets in a modern style, namely modern-classic.


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