Carpet moth and key solutions to remove it

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What is carpet moth and where does it come from? Moth is a type of insect commonly found in handmade carpets. This insect can easily damage your carpet. Carpet moth lays its eggs at the crease of carpets or woolen cloths and is fed by the protein in the wool. So take care of your winter and woolen clothes wardrobe. People think that carpet moth is only found in wet basements. But it is not true! In houses where people don’t walk on the carpet much , more moths occur. Also, the parts of the carpet that are under the sofa are more vulnerable to carpet moth attack.

چگونه از بیدزدگی فرش جلوگیری کنیم؟

Unfortunately, carpet moths have been found a lot recent years. In addition to carpets, items such as sofa or clothes are exposed to this insect. In this article, we want to point out some of the most practical solutions to get rid of carpet moth.

Remedy Number one: Wash with a certain liquid solution

If you notice any signs of moth on the carpet, wash it immediately with anti-moth solution.

Remedy Number Two: Sweep

Sweeping is one of the simplest things you can do to prevent moths. It is best to do this regularly every week, as all dirt will be removed from the carpet to prevent moth.

Remedy Number Three: Remove moths by home remedies

You can use newspaper, naphthalene tablets, chlorine and pepper to prevent and protect the carpet against moths. Keep in mind that if you wrap a rug or carpet in paper, it is much better protected from moist and moth than plastic. It should be noted that if you want to store the carpet, be sure to disinfect and dust it beforehand.

Do not place heavy objects on the carpet

Do not place heavy objects on your carpet, especially handmade carpets, objects such as cupboards, sofas, vases, lampshades, etc., because that part of the carpet that is under heavy objects provides a suitable place for carpet moth.

Carpet moths usually grow in dark, dormant places, such as behind sofas, or under library shelves.

How to detect carpet moth in our carpet?

The carpet moth usually appears as small white or grey particles on the surface of the carpet, the loss of the texture of the carpet, and so on. Therefore, it is better to always prevent moths to avoid problems such as wear and corrosion of handmade or machine made carpet. This little insect can easily destroy your precious handmade carpet.

Mending the carpet with moth

Carpets moth can be easily repaired and mended only if they are in some limited parts of the carpet, otherwise it is not cost-effective.

We hope you find this article useful and be able to do your best from now on if you encounter carpet moth. Also, our professional staff in Beheshti Carpet Complex can guide you  through certain advice and solutions.


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