Carpet Fringe Care Methods

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Carpet fringe or tassels is one of the important parts that is also decorative. Therefore, you must be extremely careful in keeping it safe In addition to being pretty, carpet fringe also make the carpet’s lifetime longer, and if they are damaged, the carpet itself will be damaged gradually. To prevent damage to the carpet fringe during cleaning, be sure to do it slowly and carefully. The carpet fringe are exposed to a lot of dirt due to their light color and elegance, so no matter how dark the carpet is, its fringe is light and creamy and the possibility of contamination and discoloration to yellow is very high.

In this article, we want to explain the practical solutions for keeping the carpet fringe safe.

Remedy Number One: Tie the carpet fringe

The first remedy that comes to our mind to keep the carpet fringe safe is to tie it. There are different types of carpet fringe knots and it is divided into three categories: two knots, pea knot and chain knot.

Two-knots method

In the two-knot method, divide all the carpet fringe into groups of 2 to 5. Hold a bunch of fringe with your left hand and hold the weft yarn with your index finger and thumb. Then, twist the bunch of fringe twice around the middle finger, forefinger and thumb. Take out the first bunch of 2 to 5 fringe and take the rest of the yarn with your right hand and tie it.

Pea-knot method

In this method, like the previous method, divide the fringe into groups of 2 to 5, then twist each group around itself and form a knot. This creates a pea-knot at the beginning of the fringe. Note that for the pea-knot method, the fringe should be long enough. If you want to use this method for old carpets, it is better to make them longer and tie the fringe with the help of yarn.

Chain-knot method

In the chain-knot method, like the previous two methods, it is better to have long carpet fringe. The chain-knot method is in a way that in addition to protecting the carpet, it also makes it beautiful. This method is a combination of two methods: pea-knot and simple-knot method.

First you have to make a pea knot or two knots and then continue to tie the fringe at a distance of 2 cm from the pea knot. Tie the fringe again at a distance of 2 cm from the side fringe. In the end, all the carpet fringe are formed like chains.

Remedy Number Two: Use Tape

Wide clear Tapes are one of the simplest methods used to care carpet fringe. Before applying the tape to the carpet fringe, it is better to first arrange them, then apply the tape carefully and smoothly on the fringe. Despite being simple, tape may damage the carpet fringe when it is removed.

Remedy Number Three: Use Cover Sheet

Another way to protect the carpet fringe is to use a cover. No clear tape is used in making the covers and thanks to them, the carpet fringe stays firmly on the edges of the carpet.

The cover prevents the carpets from rotting and allows air to flow through the fringe. But you should consider changing the fringe cover at least once in a while.

Remedy Number Four: Use Cloth Wrapper

One of the old methods in Keeping the carpet fringe is the use of cloth wrappers. The type of fabric used in this method is tarpaulin. In some cases, Jajim is also used to wrap the carpet fringe.

In cloth wrapping, it is better to fold the carpet fringe and put it inside the cloth, and then sew both sides of the cloth to the beginning of the fringe. Going the air flow through the cloth wrapper mesh cotton fabric prevents chemical and physical damage to the fringe.

Why we need to protect the carpet fringe?

The reasons for protecting carpet fringe are summarized below:

  • Prevent the carpet fringe from rotting and increase the lifetime and durability of the carpet
  • Prevent carpet breaking down due the fringe peeling
  • Carpet price does not decrease due to damage to the fringe
  • The original state of the fringes and the shape of the carpet will be fixed

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